Authentic Taste
of Mughlai and
Rajasthani Cuisines
The great food we found in jaipur especially Chicken AFGANI & CHICKEN GOLMIRCH beyond expectation . We wish the team of TOTT all the good luck. Thanks!!
-Adam jones
The best thing about this place is that it provides full value for its money and you won’t feel cheated. The quantity and quality is pretty good as well and they provide home delivery to most part of the city.
-Tanmay Singh
Awesome and authentic non-veg preparations. The chicken and mutton quality is very good.
Talk Of The Town Restaurant located at M I Road in Jaipur is essentially a casual style eating joint that has found many a takers for its tasty yet inexpensive fare. Offering a scrumptious and mouthwatering range of Mughlai, North Indian, Punjabi and Rajasthani cuisines, star dishes at Talk Of The Town Restaurant include shahi paneer, dal makhni, butter chicken masala and tandoori chicken. A hot favorite of the locals here, this eatery always keeps bustling with customers daily from the moment it opens at 12 PM till 10 PM in the night. Home delivery up to a range of 8 KM for a minimum order of Rs. 500 and take away food facilities are available here. What’s more the average price for two at this budget eatery is a decent Rs. 100 to Rs. 250.
-The City Guide
Never eat this kind of tasty authentic, hygiene food before. Even in Oman we never found this much tasty food. good keep it up.
It's Deliiiciious........., I never taste like this in Gujarat. I have no words to say it's different tasste and I suggest all who visit Jaipur surely visit TOTT.. . . UNFORGOTABLE TASTE
-Anup Parikh
TOTT's food is awesome!! it is utterly delicious and its cheap too!! its chicken biryani and haryali tikka and especially the CHUTNEY are heaven and to die for!!!!! if you haven't tried it out then do so now!!!! all the best to the team!!!! bon appetit!!!!!!!
-Vaibhav Ramrakhani
used to walk all the way from my guesthouse just to buy my favourite chicken tikka and tadoori !! one of the best i've ever tasted.
“best place for non veg in jaipur” If anyone wants to eat quality and tasty non veg or muglai cuisine then talk of the town is best option. although its a take away restaurant and home delivery is also there , its the first choice for localities for tandoori and curry preparation in non veg.... haldighati chicken,mutton kebab,tandoori aalo and rumali roti are best prepared. green chutni is also very tasty.
Used to eat as Talk of the Town all the time. Love their chicken haldighati, it is so hot!!! Kudos!!
“Amazing Tandoori Food” This place has some really great Tandoori Tikkas. Located bang opposite The country Inn and Suites Hotel, Its not a sit down place but a order from your car kind of a place. The food is spicy so definitely not for every westerner. If you love Indian food and love spice then this is a must try place. I particularly love the Haryali chiken Tikka, Tandoori aaloo, Tandoori Gobi and kathi rolls here. They have the best Mint chutney in town!!!
The most decent and auhtentic non - veg food joint that I have seen in ages. These kinds of joints come handy with drunkard fools who create ruksus very often. But, here we have dedicated guard who prevents these kinds of incidents. TOTT is a base for all our Beer parties in Jaipur. We can't imagine any party without TOTT, when in Jaipur.
the best chicken in the eorld is of tott. You are the best.the best chutney of the wirld is of tott you rock
-shikhar saxena
The best place in jaipur for the best food taste & quality with lots of varieties at a single station
amazing food and best non-veg served in Jaipur plus excellent service of raw meat for people to enjoy clean and yummy home made non-veg
Please include prices in your menu.
-Rajeev Gujral
Best barbecue preparation in Jaipur
-Abhishek Adlakha
I'm a big fan of TALK OF THE TOWN since last 5 yrs. Their speciality is superb taste with hygine & always an ideal tandoori cooking ( neither raw to eat nor burnt) THANX to Mr Ravi & his family to manage all these, make it a food chain & open more branches of TOTT.
-Amrish Mathur
Awesome food quality.
-Abhijeet pal
Best barbecued chicken and green chatni-@raisingh
Wow what a great food place. Very delicious non veg specially haldighati chicken and rested chicken.
-Praveen k yadav
Awesome non vegetarian food. Specially fond of their Afghani Chicken and chicken malai tikka.
-Sudhir Mathur
Its an awesome place for Vegetarian delights especially Paneer Tikka and Tandoori Aloo which has awesome ingredients,taken along with spicy Green Chutney,it makes a sizzling combination
-Anuj Bindal
First time Visit this palace but unforgettable whole life Because due to quality and dioecious food Please try afghani Chicken one time , bet , you never forget taste
Dhashu chicken quality..
-Ravi Ahirwar
Very delicious all food and I never find this type the greatest test of non-veg food. Awesome..............
-Sanjay Patel
This is one place to rembember the golmirch chicken was awesomee!!!!!
-Nike christopher
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